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Utility Data Acquisition Service (UDAS)

Our Utility Data Acquisition Service is a local Canadian service that accelerates and automates the processing of your utility data – directly from the vendor and your existing systems – seamlessly into the database of your choice using AI. ECCAN enables customers to overcome the challenges associated with the costly environmental reporting caused by decentralized operations, a high volume of transactions, as well as multiple reporting systems and the inherently error prone manual processing of data from energy bills. Let the UDAS collect your utility data accurately using the power of innovative AI technology. Record any number of bill line items, flag anomalies, and summarize your utility data.

Say goodbye to manual data entry as we transform utility invoices, whether they arrive as scanned images, EDI 810 files, data files, or paper bills. Our advanced technologies, including scanned images, ensure every crucial charge and detail is captured. Beyond processing, UDAS’s automatic audits verify accuracy and completeness. With ECCAN, your utility bill data becomes a dynamic asset accessible for auditing, analysis, and reporting, all while our expert team orchestrates a flawless account management workflow. Elevate your energy efficiency with ECCAN’s UDAS and discover a realm where streamlined processes drive powerful insights.

Our Utility Data Acquisition Service (UDAS) is designed to optimize the data retrieval process from Green Button in accordance with the Ontario Energy Board’s standard, as specified in Ontario Reg. 633/21: ENERGY DATA. In compliance with the legislative requirements, UDAS facilitates access to Green Button data.


The Benefits:

  • Accurate Data Collection: Precise and Reliable Data collection – eliminate the redundant tasks associated with collecting data, and the human error that comes with it.
  • Real-Time Monitoring:
    Instant access to real time data via our user-friendly dashboards.
  • Cost Optimization:
    The acquisition service doesn’t stop with collecting your data. You will also have access to tools that will enable you to optimize and improve your portfolio’s efficiency.
  • Sustainability Initiatives:
    Easily report and track your footprint. You will also have access to our sustainability scorecard offering and Green Button Integration (
  • Regulatory Compliance:
    Stay compliant with industry regulations and reporting requirements effortlessly. Our data acquisition services provide accurate records and automated reporting capabilities, ensuring you meet legal obligations efficiently and avoid penalties.
  • Customized Solutions:
    We understand that every business is unique, which is why our utility data acquisition services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Agnostic Output & Flexible API.

Don’t let utility costs and inefficiencies drain your bottom line. Harness the power of our Utility Data Acquisition Services to unlock new opportunities for savings, sustainability, and operational excellence. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards intelligent resource management and a brighter, greener future.

UDAS Cybersecurity Credentials:

Registered and approved standards

  • NATO
  • ISO 8000-1:2022
  • ISO 27001
  • NIST 800
  • NIST 127.x
  • CMMC
  • GDPR
  • PII
  • PCI