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ECCAN’s Energy Monitor tool is a world class real-time energy analytics solution specially designed for commercial and industrial buildings. Our cloud-based AI software harnesses Big Data Analytics to empower facility managers, energy auditors, and building owners across 4,000 organizations operating in 30+ countries worldwide. With Energy Monitor, identifying, analyzing, and optimizing your energy consumption makes championing sustainability a reachable goal.


Real-Time Monitoring

Get data from sensors, no matter the protocol or the hardware you chose.

Analyse & Verify

Investing without verifying? Not with ECCAN MONITOR
Analyse and verify your savings in real time.

Save as a Team

Show off your project progress and engage your team with automated reporting and alerts.


Analyse your data, all time

Artificial intelligence (AI) always detects anomalies for you. No holidays, no work hours.

Focus on actions

AI analyses the data so your team can invest their time on decisions and solving problems.

Track each anomaly’s story

Add comments and get traceability from anomaly creation until it is fixed. Team work!