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Effective April 1, 2024, we will no longer be representing EnergyCAP, please direct your queries to

EnergyCAP Products

We offer EnergyCAP LLC’s award-winning EnergyCAP Software in Canada. EnergyCAP is the foundation of a comprehensive utility bill accounting & energy management solution. Serving as the hub for your vendor, utility, and facility data, EnergyCAP’s powerful analysis and reporting functions deliver value across energy management, sustainability, accounting, and building operations.

Get best-in-class portfolio-level energy and sustainability reporting. Get accurate and reliable energy and utility data across your entire portfolio and streamline energy and accounting workflows

Key Features

  • Accurate utility bill data, always
  • Easy facility benchmarking
  • Chargebacks & tenant billing
  • Integrate with ENERGY STAR
  • Measurement & verification
Get real-time energy and sustainability analytics. Dive deep into real-time performance of assets, devices, and sensors. Make quick, data-driven decisions for high-performance, net-zero buildings

Key Features

  • Analyze consumption trends
  • Machine learning behavior modeling
  • Customizable alerts & alarms
  • Formula-based calculations
  • Tariff Analytics
Get a holistic view of financial-grade scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions data across your entire business with automatically applied factors to meet your ESG reporting needs.

Key Features

  • Auto GHG conversion
  • Market-based emissions factors
  • Track progress toward goals
  • Sharable reports, charts, and dashboards
  • BI tool integration